Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

´From The In-Box

A lot of new music received throughout the last weeks and now I found the time and muse to listen. And as ever I was surprised what great music is made especially over at the Atlantic ocean. So I would like to give you a survey about the most juicy music that arrived.

Let's start with a genre that's to George an CC. They posted some great country tunes in the last month. Here's an artist George featured last Tuesday as he was asked to review it. Deena got her first steps in the Hoboken music scene in the late 80s and is still in collaboration with other bands. If I had to type her music I would say it's country based music with a big touch of pop music. The songs were dominated by Deena Shoshkes clear and brilliant voice. The best parts are when they exalt the tempos. Anyway - like George said: It's worth listening to.

Another genre that apparently not is to be got deadly is Alternative rock. Many bands still trying to keep the spirit of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam alive. Many of them fail but sometimes there are bands who do the same thing in their very own way much better than the rest. One of them are Active Radio another Austin based band. It's good to hear this kinda music again - especially when it's played with so much empathic and verve. The guitars are well as well and the whole sound reminds me on the days the named bands were on their highest level.

Active Radio - The Fear
Active Radio - Underrated

When Active Radio learned a lot of Alternative rock than The Mourning Sickness got some different influences. The describe themselves as a progressiv-punk band. The more I listen to their music I can hear lot of prog-rock but Frank Zappa, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and sometimes Ian Dury. Their songs are filled with unpredictable melodies, odd rhythmic figures and changing of the rhythm in a song. And they put a lot of ideas into their songs. For example in 'Beelzebufo' when suddenly a twangy guitar appears, playing a solo and finish this with a typical prog-rock guitar. Awesome.

The Mourning Sickness - Snow Wimps
The Mourning Sickness - Beelzebufo

And finally for today G. Owen Evans an London based artist originally from Wales. I liked his voice that fits very good to the ballads he is playing. He did some very good songs that fits good to the end of the day. It appears once again that every good song is suited for a remix.

G. Owen Evans - Sunshine Every Day (Reegl Remix)
G. Owen Evans - Quietly On Fire

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Yes, there's a big Zappa influence on that first Mourning Sickness track