Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

What Happened To Power Pop # 2

As The Motors split Peter Bramall, the vocalist and guitar player,  aka Bram Tchaikovsky formed a new band with the same name. The fact that I have heard The Moters always very much with pleasure I bought the first record from their former guitar player. It hadn't that eponymous of the first Motor's record but still enough songs on it that would be worth to listen to time by time. Girl of my dreams is close to a perfect (power)-pop song. Great harmonies and hooks. And surely not the way music was made in these days. It is still a pleasure to listen to this little gem sometimes. 

Bram Tchaikovsky - Girl Of My Dreams

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Brian hat gesagt…

Hi Walter. Digging this series. I own several power-pop comps, and there are a few songs from that period that are so good they make every one of these collections. Rasperries' Go All the Way, Rubinoos' I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend, Records' Starry Eyes and, of course, Bram Tchaikovsky's Girl Of My Dreams are on just about every one of them. If the comp is worth its salt, you'll find something on there by 20/20, Shoes and Fotomaker too... and that's just the '70s. Keep up the good work.