Donnerstag, 14. August 2014

Inflammable Material - First Records That Impressed Me Much # 5

It was 1979 when everything in music was possible. You could choose to reggae, punk, new wave or what ever. Then an artist appeared on the scene who combined the best of this genres in it's own kind of music. Look Sharp was not only the title of the first record of Joe Jackson, but also the motto of man from England. Sharp dresses, sharp appearances, sharp sound and pin sharp texts completely acerbity and cynicism. On the first hearing the fantastic new wave rock; just the sound of the hour ; unrestrained guitar reef, quickly massive percussion beat, impetuous melodies and the whole album then also still puts through inexpensive with reggae and Ska loans - at that time every New Wave acts belonged to the basic equipment. There are fantastic songs in this time, but less of them had that piano parts in it. On this record wee many magnificent, dirty small songs about the demented grannies who stagnate in her apartments (Sunday Papers), shy men at the window (Is She Really Going Out With Him), simple couples (Happily Loving Couples) and everything what offers the life so. There was much pun by their raw and direct kind.  There were only a few artists at this time that are able to combine music and words he did on this record - I just want to name The Clash and Elvis Costello. I played this record so many times that I had to buy it on vinyl again. And the greatest compliment I can give to this record is, that the songs on it stood the test of time and sound fresh like on the first day. And even when  he drifted to another musical genres I followed him as well. I saw him several times live and was astonished how good the band played their songs. Awesome concerts I remember so well.

Joe Jackson - One More Time
Joe Jackson - Sunday Papers
Joe Jackson - Is She Really Going Out With Him
Joe Jackson - Fools In Love


lithium hat gesagt…

yes. great album by a fantastic artist.

Walter hat gesagt…

Yep - it is for sure. I like to listen to him more and more these days. Everything ok, Martin?