Freitag, 22. August 2014

The Foreign Correspondent Returns - Stories About German Rock Music # 35

The basic idea which I had with this series was to be indicated the spectrum of the German rock music. Besides, of course I have also been guided towards my personal predilections. During the past months I had been able to cover very much a large part of it. What is absent the electronic music and the scene still is itself in Germany during the last years has set up and receives bigger and bigger meaning - and even if it is for the generation that has grown in the last decades again. I'm really not the one that is in for this kind of music but the older I get the more I get into this genre - even if friends of mine ignore still this kind of music. Throughout the last weeks I searched for this music at different places and I would like to introduce you 2raumwohnung (2 space flat).2raumwohnung is a German electric pop duo which was founded about 2000 in Berlin. Members are the singer Inga Humpe and her lifelong companion Tommi Eckart. While typing this words a smile came over my face when I remember that I featured her several times in this series. She was a leading member of Neonbabies - a Berlin based band that came up with the German Punk and New Wave scene. I followed her from this time - sometimes closer and sometimes from the distant. But I always noticed her musical output. They simply did electro pop and they had good critics when they released their first record. And it looked in such a way as if they had caught with her light and a little esoteric songs the spirit of the times at that time. With a little success in their back they decided to make a remix-version of their first record where they played with other influences like Techno and House. If you have open ears for different kind of music or if you are in the mood electronic music - try them.

Here for comparison there is the original and in each case a Remix

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