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The Foreign Correspondent Returns - Stories About German Rock Music # 36

Post number 36 so far. I try to keep this series alive until number 50 - even if it gets more difficult to find a genre I didn't wrote about before. Anyway, I would not like to cry - I still have something in reserve to write about. Let's talk about Dissidenten (Dissidents). They are a German world music and Indie rock band and they has become known in particular by her cooperation with artists from the Middle East, North Africa and India. In the late 70s Uve Müllrich and Michael Wehmeyer played in the German Krautrock-band Embryo and got during this time their first contact with so called world music. While staying for a longer time in India they formed Embryo's Dissidenten together with Friedo Josch. Their first (in small edition) own-financed singles followed a tour through Asia till the end of 1981. If inspires by personal trips and the experiences with their former band the trio played numerous concerts in North Africa, Spain, Italy and in the whole Mediterranean area. The group could celebrate with single dance hits in discos as well as by the mostly sold off concerts to great success.

In contrast to other artists they add not only foreign sounds in her own sound picture, but were and always try hard to let participate musician from the suitable countries in her music. Thus the company list on her records reads like a Who Is Who of the world music.
Stylistically they are difficult to arrange. Beside the mentioned oriental, Indian and other ethnic sounds the good, old jazz finds entrance in the Dissident's world over and over again.
In Germany they are still a confidential tip, while they in other countries long ago than stars abgefeiert will have sold and worldwide several million records. This walks along with amusing live appearances. All the same whether this happens now in a small German club, or as in 1986 in Spain, before 250,000 people, one should have seen the dissidents once.
Their song "Fata Morgana" mutates in Spanish and Italian discotheques to the absolute chartbreaker and provides with for the fact that the tape sets up. For an other evolutionary step in the direction of club sounds provides Sven Väth who turns her midge by the Technowolf, with flat beats austattet and they so also for people makes attractive which could start with the dissidents up to now rather less.
Not only that they avoid categorization constant musical renewal also does not stop at topical trends. The metamorphosis of the hippie to the Hip Hop is not least to be heard on the 1997th album "Instinctive Traveller", and the Remixalbum "in 2001 - A Worldbeat Odyssey" shows once more that the word Electronics calls no allergic rashes with them out.

Dissidenten -
Dissidenten -

And listen to some of their edits .. they are awesome.
Have a very good weekend (and SA, all the best the Manchaster 100).

This are the originals from Dissidenten

Dissidenten - Fata Morgana
Dissidenten - Sahah Electric

The quality of their songs could be judged by the edits/remixes of their songs:


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