Sonntag, 3. August 2014


Last week a cultural broadcasting station started like every summer a series about the decades in popular music. In several episodes is tried to catch the spirit of the times of this decade. It is also lighted up which influence this decade had for the following years. Besides, it is not exclusively about music, but also about fashion and the cultural life. This season they arrived in the 90s. I watched a documentary about Eurodance last weekend. Eurodance calls a style direction within the electronic dance music which was very popular beginning in the 1990s above all in Europe and produced numerous charter result. A combination of dance rhythm, pop refrain and rap stanza is typical. Later other, more body-stressing styles like Techno and House became in the discos increasingly more popular. I remember most of these popular songs very well even though this kinda music wasn't compatible for the rock purists. You may like this music or not but it was essential for the upcoming electronic music as we know it today. Here are some songs that I think are typical for this music.

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