Samstag, 23. August 2014

That's What We Watched On TV Year Ago # 10

In the early 1970s less people made too much thoughts about a town like San Francisco - it was away so far. Well, from the flower children, the hippies one had already heard, and also from the known bridge in it's distinctive orange, the Golden gate bridge - but, otherwise? This changed all of a sudden when in German television the series "The streets of San Francisco" was emitted. It was a typical crime film series of the past: it was shot a lot and died, but the series renounced showing off with bloody funeral parts. The series devoted itself not only to criminal aspects, also the special atmosphere which brought in bridge the 70s about the metropolis around the Golden gate, finds in the episodes his place. Karl Malden played the widowed Lieutenant which works for 23 years with the Police Department and which the work shows there as well as has made cynical. To his side they put a young detective which was known formerly only as the son of his famous father Kirk - Michael Douglas. This series with it's characters were wonderful to watch but the series has also woken up the wanderlust in me. I was astonished about all the new places that was shown to me and I knew for sure that I'll go there one day. In this connection the title theme may not remain unmentioned one. Pat Williams, an American composer, created this and it's still awesome. It starts with a little organ part and then a wah-wah guitar joined and finally some horns finished this little masterpiece of title themes.

Enjoy and have a good weekend.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Great series, Walter. I have fond memories watching it with my grandparents. and as for yesterday's band 2raumwohnung, I was very impressed. Put me in mind of Ladytron, but I don;t know which act came first. (and it doesn't matter, really)