Samstag, 2. August 2014

That's What We Watched On TV Years Ago # 7

Today compared to the possibilities, the television offers the 70s was the purest Stone Age. Today you can easily choose between hundreds of TV-channels. 40 years ago we were happy that we got our third channel. At that time of course garbage was also produced and emitted. This may be maybe due to the fact that many broadcastings were produced for the generation of my parents and grandparents. During the 70s English and American series were bought by the television companies increasingly, were translated in our language and emitted on television. Because the offer of really good series was easy to grasp, we have kept ourselves free the appointments for our favorite series if at all as possible.

One of those series was M*A*S*H based on a same titled movie from Robert Altman we saw in the early 70s. We was fascinated about the freaked out story about a mobile hospital during the Korean war. It was the first time actors like Donald Sutherland, Elliot Gould and Robert Duvall came into my field of vision and surely not the last time. Besides, in the centre stand two surgeons who put outside the anti-warlike intention of the series particularly by her sarcastic remarks and position towards the military management. M*A*S*H is in the real sense no comedy, but a bitter tragedy. The characters which were put on in the first relays still slapstick-like disappear in the later relays or are exchanged for more serious ones or appear as only rare . However, the superficial humor never misleads about the deeply serious discussion with the facets of the war and his justification. Besides, the rather low detailed degree what concerns the real medical work of the protagonists supports this statement. This was one reason me and my mates loved this series. Unfortunately, we could see the series only in the early 80s, because the German television has recognized the quality of this series only too late and again at a very late transmitting time in the third channels. So If you have the chance to see this series take a short time out and watch the episode.


gaforsyth hat gesagt…

The TV series was indeed excellent, very very funny and quite hard-hitting too. We've had the Rockford Files, Alias Smith and Jones, MASH, all good stuff. What next? And please, not The Good Life, although you might be lucky that it was never shown in your country. Or Inspector MAX, which we get here.

Walter hat gesagt…

Hi George - of course none of this series. I really don't know what comes next. I have to be inspired throughout this week.
Have a good time
Cheers, Walter