Dienstag, 26. August 2014

Twaning Tuesday # 40

Last week Drew told how difficult it is to bring some songs to his Rockabilly series and I agree to it (although he already has fourfold in songs posted). I try to keep this series open to other genres - not especially for Rockabilly. A few days ago over at Sad Man's Tongue Freddie and The Filos was featured with an old song by Rickie Nelson. That inspired me to watch out for something else from this Spanish Rockabilly band from Sevilla. Seems like a band that can play different styles from Rockabilly to Punk. This is cover version from an old English folk song about a bitterly unrepentant criminal condemned to death. Prior to the mid-19th century it was called 'Jack Hall', after an infamous English thief, who was hanged in 1707 at Tyburn. Jack's parents sold him as an climbing boy for one guinea, which is why very most versions of the song identify Sam/Jack Hall as a chimney sweep. Many artists covered this song as well - the latest one was Johnny Cash on American Recordings IV.

Freddie and The Filos - Sam Hall

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