Sonntag, 10. August 2014

From The In-Box

During the last weeks so much music of so many artists has come again in my post office box that I have needed again some hours around everything to sight and to evaluate. So finally I am again surprised what kind of good music in different genres was produced right now. So give them a chance and listen to this without prejudice.

The first one I would like to feature is SRJ. I don't know much about the person that stands behind this production company that is located in London. The first song is by Dragon, a singer-songwriter called Odette Nicole Beris. She' the composer, lyricist and performer. This is just a remix from the original ballad. Everything I found was a notice on his website that it's a production company specializing in funky, electro house dance music. Anyway, here are two tracks that shows his ability in creating some good mid-tempo grooving house tracks.

SRJ - Dragon By No Other Name (Red Dragon Club Mix)
SRJ - When The Floor Comes Alive

The next artist works on electronic sounds as well. He's Danish and he calls his project Organic Device. Let him introduce in his own words: Organic Device is an independent solo artist, wondering if we are only organic devices. Are we only chemicals doing what we do, because of the compounds we consist of? If so, how can chemicals feel and express feelings in music? Music that lives apart from the chemicals constructing it, giving reactions in other organic devices at great distances. Everything changes. When do we? He was inspired by Pink Floyd and the result was a fantastic little track that. It's an easy bubbling ambient trance/house tune. Good one.

Organic Device - Waiting

Now we move to Down Under to a band that's formed by Creswick. Their musical background and influences in their own words: Sighting influences such as Paul Kelly, The Eagles, Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, Bob Dylan and The Police, ‘Froy’ may exhibit shades of all of these but at the same time may not be immediately identified as being influenced overly by any of them.
Originally intended as a solo project by songwriter musician Scott Creswick, the very enjoyable recording collaboration with long time friend and former band mate Glen King, proved to be a union worth celebrating by making ‘Froy’ a duo.
Appearing together in Australian independent outfit ‘Lynchpin’ in the early 1990’s, Creswick (bass) and King (drums) had an immediate connection as a rhythm section that gelled and grooved naturally.
After a 5 track EP independent release, Creswick left ‘Lynchpin’ to concentrate on other things.
After 10 or 15 years in the musical wilderness Creswick invested his own funds and decided to commit some tunes he penned over the past 5 years ‘when music kept rearing its head and reappearing in his body and soul’… ‘as any musician will tell, it never really ever goes away or leaves you, it’s a part of you…always’.
Thus ‘Froy’ was born and this self-titled debut EP and collection of songs followed, we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed recording them. Nothing spectacular but great songs far over the average. It's that kind of music I would like to listen in a pub with a glass of beer or cruising in a topless car.

Over the Atlantic Ocean singer/songwriter Craig Huston founded a one man indie/electronica project under the name of SPIDERintheHALL. His music ranges in style from harsh, industrial work to electronic drum and bass, hard rocking indie anthems and even chilling examples of dark ambiance. With a wide range of influences and a keen eye for sounds that will keep you humming, SPIDERintheHALL is taking the indie world by storm, one fan at a time. Fist is one of those songs that can reach to your personal top-ten. Economically produced with an easy however perfectly functioning beat. Over and over again small pieces are integrated in the form of a guitar, a clarinet or a piano into the song.

SPIDERintheHALL - Fist

From Albuquerque, New Mexico, comes another great female voice. Trisha O'Keefe is working for a long time in music business. Her songs are based on country roots added with a big shot of rhythm and blues and dominated by her majestic voice. Great songs at all and an artist worth searching for more.

Trisha O'Keefe - Cute

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