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From The In-Box

A few weeks past since I took the time to check what music arrived at my In-Box. Some of it has not necessarily met my taste or simply was not good enough or indepentently to be mentioned. Not that I would not estimate the achievements of this bands but I would like to feature some personal gems that arrived throughout the last weeks.

So let's start with a band based in New Haven, Conneticut. I don't know much about them but I have to say that their songs impressed me much. Based in the tradition of folk they added elements of classic (prog)rock to their songs. Most of them are quiet at the start and turn into a heavier sound later. All in all well arranged songs with a somber and dark tone in it. You need some time to listen to this songs - but it's worth it. I found a press release on their site that tells a lot of their music: This record sounds like the result of Aleister Crowley picking up an acoustic an sacrificing 30 virgins with the strings. That's it.

The Danbury Lie - In Time
The Danbury Lie - The Great Jester

Roger Gomez is an Australian singer-songwriter living in Perth, Australia. He's playing one of those classic rhythm and blues songs but in a different and unique style. It's just that kind of music that is made for cruising in a cabriolet on an endless highway.

Roger Gomez - Mondays Guide
Roger Gomez - She's always landing on her feet

Doli Stepniewski created his alter ego DevilDareDale to make his own kind of Indie Pop. In tradition of his idols The Police, Steward Copeland and Stuart Adamson (who left us too early). The result were really well arranged good pop songs with catchy tunes. He is also able to change the tempo in his songs and adding a nice guitar-solo in it. You can her the darker side of him on his slower songs. If I'm able I would give this powerful, fast driving songs more airplay to the masses.

DevilDareDale - Next Big Thing
DevilDareDale - Over You

Leaving Atlanta, Georgia, southbound towards Savannah you'll pass Macon, the home of the married couple W. Ward and Trena Stookesberry aka The Doves. They combine many styles from the last 30 years into their songs. The guitars were sometimes twangy but mostly borrowed from the American alternative scene (what's not too bad). The songs are superior arranged with perfect harmonies of the couple. Most songs were lead by a forward driven guitar and I can hear some New Wave influences in in (Some more than others starts with Blondie's riff from Call Me). All in all a band their further output will be in my focus.

The DOVES - Day
The DOVES - Angeline
The DOVES - Some more than others

Stepehn Cumberbatch produced Fed-Up, an American female R&B, ElectronicDance, SoulMusic vocal group based near NYC. Nothing special but worth to listen and over the average of this kind of music. What makes this song special are the vocals of Michelle Hutcherson and her Gospel trained voice.

Fed-Up - Found What's Right For Me

Vancouver, Canada gave us Fadi Awad who is working for long years as a composer, producer and manager of Art-Projects all over the world. Sometimes he finds some time to produce and remix songs - mostly for Dance and Dancefloor. This one is not too bad and you might hear them in a discotheque one day. Good stuff.

Fadi Awad - Phoenica (Original Mix)

Next artist is the London based musician Jim Lowe aka atlantic machine. The songs will take you back to times when New Wave ruled the British music scene. If you can imagine David Bowie turning into this genre you right by atlantic machine. He don't copy him but these songs could be on a Bowie record before he went to Berlin. And this is not too bad.

atlantic machine - Never Thinking About You
atlantic machine - Runaway

And at least another band from the United States who stands in tradition of American Alternative rock. Let's describe Magnificent Birds Of Prey in their own words: Philadelphia based 4 piece band Magnificent Birds of Prey deliver a hot to the touch eclectic style EP borrowing from Alternative Rock, Punk Rock and retro Psychedelic Punk - all combined with a buzzed out indie-alt/rock aesthetic. 
What I heard was some emphatic songs with influences by Pearl Jam but you could hear some psychedelic guitars as well. Sure worth to give a listen to.

Magnificent Birds Of Prey - Co-Pilot
Magnificent Birds Of Prey - Statue

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