Freitag, 1. August 2014

The Foreign Correspondent Returns - Stories About German Rock Music # 32

Throughout the last months I introduced you to many bands with very different kind of genres. Today I come back to an musician who plays nothing more than a good guitar and a wonderful voice. Wolf Maahn is a musician who worked from the late 70s until now. He's known as a singer/songwriter throughout the years. He got his first success with the Food Band when they played an arty kind of rhythm and blues. His main success was in the 80s when he released a few records with a kind of music that I would describe as powerful R'n'B sung in German language. I like him since this time because he did his very own thing, not looking too much which style could be the most successful. All over his career he was at his highest level when he played live. None of his studio records (allthough they was produced on a high level) had the vibes he spread in his concerts. I am still happy that I had the chance to see him live in my hometown three years ago in a very small club. Filled with 150 people the club nearly burst and it was a wonderful experience to see Wolf Maahn alone with his guitar playing to us. The videos were recorded on this concert - maybe you can understand why I like him.

Wolf Maahn - Ich Wart auf Dich
Wolf Maahn - Uhh, Mädchen
Wolf Maahn - Wenn Der Regen Kommt

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