Dienstag, 5. August 2014

Beat Club Classics

I took me a few days off the road and the bars and I had the time to search for some old music. While I was searching the Internet for the old bands of the 60s I got a link to an old series in German television. You might know Top of the Pops and  we tried to make the same thing on our TV. The monthly series was called Beat Club and they had a mixture of chart music but they always tried to go their own way in presenting some new music. What I found was a special they made. They rented the Marquee Club in London, invited some artists and let them play live. It was a very raw sound it it brought me back to the basics of rock music. Listen to this raw and intensive versions of songs by Geno Washington, Clive Bennet, Jimi Hendrix, The Smoke and The Who. For me it was 30 minutes of pleasure. Sadly that they don't do it in this way today.

Enjoy and have a good week folks.

PS: I found some really good episodes of this series that I would like to introduce to you throughout the next weeks. Most of them played live. It's not only a sentimental journey to a time long gone by but it made fun to me to see this series again I grew up with it and what made me open for a lot of music I didn't knew before.


M. Spins hat gesagt…

Wonderful video, Walter - such good quality!

My local record shop has some of the Beat Club DVDs - I'm very tempted to pick them up now.

This might be a duplicate, as I can't read the German text in your comment instructions. ;-)

Walter hat gesagt…

Hi M., I am glad you enjoyed this little piece of history. I'll continue with this i a little series. And btw I should change everything on this side in English.
Cheers, Walter