Samstag, 27. Mai 2017

Prince Of Peace

Tribute to Prince Far I

A few days ago The Swede posted on his marvellous series Red Gold & Green a song by Prince Far I and I have to admit that I didn't posted anything from him so far. Not that I don't like his music (he was always on my list) but somehow something else come to my mind and forgot to give him a chance to appear on this site. When I first got in contact with reggae and Rastafarian culture with the soundtrack of The Harder They Come it didn't take a long time when I explored Prince Far I. From the first time I listened to his gruff voice I was hooked by him. He was also a political person known for his critical assessment of the Jamaican government. Here are some songs from a Peel session back in 1978.

Prince Far I - Front Line
Prince Far I - No More War

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The Swede hat gesagt…

It's great to see so much reggae turning up around our corner of the internet just lately, TheRobster's Reggae Wednesday series is a well crucial example. Prince Far I? You can never have too much Prince Far I in your life. Superb selections Walter.