Dienstag, 23. Mai 2017

King Charles

Bildergebnis für yungblud

One of the best new songs I heard the recent days come from a 19 year old musician from Doncaster. Dominic Harrison aka Yungblud has a lot of energy in this song. Growing up surrounded by music from people like Bob Dylan, The Clash and The Streets, protest songs are natural outlet for Yungblud and King Charles is two and a half minute rage against the system. Rhymes like Get our your wallet and give us your money / And you might as well throw in your soul are seldom heard these days and were supported with a driving  backbeat and lead to a hip-hop crossover. You can describe it as a kind of mix of Jamie T and Arctic Monkeys - and that is not too bad for this young kid.


Rol hat gesagt…

Love that too. Yes to Arctic Monkeys, but it also reminds me of The King Blues. And Doncaster is just down the road from me.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Lots of Arctic Monkeys, which I guess is down to the town of Doncaster and the city of Sheffield being very close with the local accents being similar. Interesting listen, thanks for this.