Montag, 1. Mai 2017

May Day

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Today is May Day again and as mostly anywhere the day is off. A few days ago I asked an old friend of mine who's going to speak in front of the town hall on May Day. He told me no one will speak this year. No union event in our town and I asked for the reason. He told me too less people will be ready to support the presentation so they decided to add their forces to a bigger activity in a bigger city. Not that I am a regular visitor to this events I see that more and more people lost their will to support the union. Maybe it is because the union isn't attractive for people any more or most of the people are not willing any more to stand together for their rights any more. I don't know and it is really not necessary but for me this day is about to think for the reasons why this day started. For me this is a synonym about solidarity for equal aims.

The Clash - Clampdown

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Walter...the apathy is everywhere. There are very few celebrations of workers' rights anywhere these days. It is all quite sad.