Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015

Pills and Trash

On my way to work New York Doll's 'Pills' shuffled up on my mobile phone. I really forgot how good this song was. I am not sure if I should call them proto-punks, travesty queens or kings of glam-rock or just the best of all. Anyway, David Johansen and Johnny Thunders was a main influence to the upcoming punk-rock scene. I really love their short and simple songs with them magic riffs. I found this life appearance in German television shortly after the release of their first record.



1001Songs hat gesagt…

And the original Bo Diddley version of "Pills" is pretty cool too

The Swede hat gesagt…

Great to see this excellent live footage for a change instead of the usual, half-mimed, OGWT set. Stirring stuff.