Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

From The In-Box

A lot of new music arrived during the last weeks but less are worth to mention here. Not because it is bad music at all - it's more that I couldn't hear any special in it and don't matter if it is just a great voice, a well played guitar or just a sound that grabs me into it. So here are some artists that are over the average:

First one is a band based in Germany and formed by the Seattle native singer and guitarist Tony Clark. Emil Brigada (what a name) and Sascha complete Tony Clark and Killing Time. They play classic rock with a dominant bass and forward driving drums. The sound is complete with Tony's guitar and his euphoric voice. I think they should be seen live to get an overview about their abilities.

Trena and Wade aka The DOVES released again some new and great songs. Mirage is a very fine song. Based on a simple R&B-riff Wade fill it up with some great guitar licks. The song is still in motion and both voices drives them forward. In former times this would be a classic in this genre.

From Melbourne, Australia arrived a pretty good pop song by the Pollydevlins. It's their first release and they combine a garage guitar with mod style and a lot of soul ingredients.

STATE LINE SYNDICATE from California continue the music of Green Day or Blink 182. Knowing that this not everybody's cup of tea they are worth to listen to. It's a song typical to this genre and works good as a soundtrack driving an open car in summer (if we get it some day).

And finally a new band located in London. Chorusgirl is Silvi Wersing's brainchild and deep-rooted in the early 80s sound. They describe themself as a noisepop 4-piece from London that formed last year, mixing the sounds of Lush, the Cure, the Breeders, Pulp, the Bangles, surf, girl groups, melodies, jangle and noise. 

And they are right. I was absolutely astonished when I listened to their song. They are fresh, new, old and would have been classics if they were released decades ago. Wondering when NME will feature them.


TheRobster hat gesagt…
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TheRobster hat gesagt…

Ooh, LOVING Chorusgirl. Never come across them before but straight over to Soundcloud I go to investigate some more. Cheers Walter, great find.

Charity Chic hat gesagt…

Chorus girl are indeed a find.