Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2020

History Repeats

Autopsiebericht zu George Floyd bestätigt Tod durch Polizeigewalt ...

There are so many good reasons to be ashamed for this what happens for more 60 years in the United States of America. Since the early 60's as the majority tried to make the civil rights a basic right for all the population of a different colour the hatred does not decrease. What a black president has initiated years ago, it is destroyed within some days by the current president. A person who has not learnt to unite it people but it splits and hatred pokes any more the leader of a so-called big nation cannot be. When, finally, the world wakes and does an end place to him? We see what can happen at the moment in America, however, we should very exactly look what happens in Europe. Also here the nationalists get a lot of words and more and more they express themselves with her mad ideas. 

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