Sonntag, 7. Juni 2020

Most Wanted Austria

FM4 Most Wanted Austrian Clubtracks 1990-2020 -

Regular visitors on this site might know that occasionally cross the border to listen to Austrian radio. I know that they surprised me often with different stories, shows and so on. One of their last project is Most Wanted Austria, a reflection of 30 year of club music by Austrian artist. The quintessence is a top 50 of techno, house, downbeat, drum & bass or simple dance music. To be honest - many of these artists and songs were new to me but I enjoyed to explore the variety of 30 years in club music. Here are some songs I knew before and I was happy to hear them again in the radio show.

Elektro Guzzi is an Austrian acoustic Techno band. Influenced by Detroit Techno they play in the classical band setwith guitar, percussion and bass. Their intention is to follow own beginning in the otherwise sample-based electronic music.

Vienna based band Sofa Surfers were featured here several times and this track from their first album in 1997 shows what they are able to. Creating a sound between dub, techno and a wha-wha guitar was different when it was released but made me to dive deeper into their musical cosmos.

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