Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2020


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One of the best albums released in 2017 was Nadine Shah's Holiday Destination, a superb produced complex and insistent record I used to listen often during the last years. Now she announced her new album for the end of June. And still she convinces me with her velvety voice over a guitar funk sound Gang Of Four could have written. Looking forward to the release.

3 Kommentare:

drew hat gesagt…

70% of the Buckfast produced is drunk in Lanarkshire. Horrible stuff but I do like this song. Thanks Walter

TheRobster hat gesagt…

She's one of my favourite artists right now. Holiday Destination was my top record of 2017 and I have ver high hopes for the new one.

JC hat gesagt…

I really liked Holiday Destination. This new song promises much for this year.