Samstag, 22. April 2017


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Canadian indie-pop chanteuse Leslie Feist is back with a new album soon. A few weeks ago she gave an appetizer with Pleasure from the album with the same name. Now her second single is out. Century is one of those songs that surprises. Her clear voice over a simple beat and some guitar riffs are the way we know her but after three and a half minutes the songs seems to come to an end and after a few seconds of silence an organ appears and leads us to a monotone and well known baritone. Jarvis Cocker starts a monologue about some interesting thoughts. Not that this thoughts are necessary but probably worth to spent some times over them

“Century, how long is that?” 3,155,973,600 seconds, 876,000,000 hours or 36,500 days, almost as long as one of those endless dark nights of the soul.”

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Good to hear Feist back in action, the Jarvis section is a bit odd though. Feist's old pals Broken Social Scene are also on the comeback trail following a long layoff - happy days!