Dienstag, 25. April 2017

Arabian Heights

Bildergebnis für afghan whigs

The Afghan Whigs were always a band that was named in different hypes but never did really belonged to them. They were termed with grunge and alternative rock but they were always different. They wore suits instead of lumberjack shirts, had influences of soul, funk and jazz in their sound and so they didn't made it to the highest level. Their records were fantastic, sometimes interesting and even boring and I have to agree that I didn't listen to them often during the last years. After several discords and re-starts they will release their next album soon. This song shows them in their old sad and disrupted phase with howling and crying guitars. However: So danceable as in Arabian Heights" this band has never been. The track is carried by the rhythm by the night: a grooving, born from Krautrock motor activity and psychedelic shaken thoroughly Manchester Rave Stone Roses.

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Echorich hat gesagt…

You are so right Walter - Afghan Whigs weren't members of any scene, but music journalists don't normally know what to do with a band they can't put in a category or make a quick association to other contemporaries.
In my mind, hey always had a compatriot band in this fight to be categorized - Tindersticks. Greg Dulli and Stuart Staples are both artists who don't have the word compromise in their vocabulary and their music is all the better for it.
2014's Do The Beast was a strong album and In Spades seems to be a strong follow up that I'm looking forward to.

The Swede hat gesagt…

Yes I'm looking forward to this one as well Walter. A very strong tune.