Sonntag, 16. April 2017

Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back To Leeds

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It was a long time ago since I heard something by The Mountain Coats, that Californian new-folk band but I remember that it made fun listening to them. The more I was surprised that they are still a band and able to release a new album next month. I was more confused about the title of the song Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back To Leeds and thought it will be worth to listen to the lyrics closely. Sounding like a singer-songwriter doing country, this song is a simple, smooth and somewhat modernized MG anthem, which just happens to be about Sister Of Mercy's erstwhile leader.

There's indifference on the wind

But a faint gust of hope
At a club nobody goes to
With a musty velvet rope
Guys in Motörhead jackets
Who knew him way back when
Haven't raised a drink in years
But now meet up again 

To remember how it was
When they all thought they'd move away
And ride in Lotus 7s
Through the London streets one day.

Nobody ever gets away
Even the best of us come back some day
To the unmarked rooms, where the dry dust breeds
Andrew Eldritch is moving back to Leeds

No-one anticipates the rush
The breezy feeling of the faceless crush
At the end of things, where the salvage bleeds
Andrew Eldritch is moving back to Leeds

They don't throw him a parade
He just comes in on a train
One suitcase in his hand
And an old army backpack
From the second world war
From a Leipzig secondhand store

And as a bonus one of the Sister's classic songs:

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George hat gesagt…

Nice tune, Walter. I've not played any of my Mountain Goats albums for a long long time.

Echorich hat gesagt…

THIS made my day!!! Thanks Walter!!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Like you Walter, I thought this band had called it a day a long time ago.

This was good to hear. Thank you so much.