Dienstag, 31. Oktober 2023

Drop Out


While I was saving some files on an external drive I found in the deepest corner a record that I almost forgot. Drop Out is the only album by East Village, a band from Buckinghamshire (the only one I know). The first time I got aware of them was in the late 90's when I traveled through Thailand and stopped for a late afternoon drink in a small bar in Kho Chang. From the first tunes I loved their songs and had to ask the bartender, a bloke from Leeds what's the name of this band. Back in Germany I tried to get a copy of their record but all were sold out. Because the main figure of the band, Martin Kelly, is now a leading person in Heavenly Records from time to time there will be a re-release of this album. The next one is planed for January next year and I have to subscribe for this. The music is another step to make the perfect pop album and finally they are very close with their mixture of Byrds/Buffalo Springfield inspired songs. Great harmonies and a voice that reminds me of Michael Head makes this album to another underrated gem. Worth to check out.

East Village - Circles

East Village - Silver Train

East Village - Everybody Knows

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JC hat gesagt…

Thanks for this one, Walter. I've four tracks from East Village, courtesy of them being included with four different compilation boxsets, but none of the songs you've featured today. Nice also, to read the back story of the band.