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Can't believe that it is 50 years ago when a band appeared on the scene that visual and with it sound was groundbreaking. The music scene in these days was filled with dinosaurs of the rock age playing the same thing over and over again. But the New York Dolls changed everything with the release of their debut. Filled with short guitar driven songs and a cover version of a song by Bo Diddley. Not only that they brought a very fresh wind into music their outfit was extraordinary. Dressed in glam outfits with platform shoes and all done up they was the sensational thing in this year. I remember a lot of people hating them for their outfit and music but very soon you could see all the glam bands in Great Britain doing the same. And that they were punk before punk started was an another story.

New York Dolls - Trash

New York Dolls - Pills

New York Dolls - Personality Chrisis

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JC hat gesagt…

I'm just of an age when I can't remember too much about New York Dolls back in 1974, but they were soon on my radar when punk and new wave became a thing in the UK.

Excellent post.....but it makes me realise just how old I am!