Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2023

Run Run Run


Run, run, run, run, run, take a drag or two says the drug anthem of Velvet Underground. This was my first thought when I heard that the lead single of The Libertines new album share the same title.  I thought that they were just a part of history but it seems that they are still alive and able to record a whole album. To be honest I was never a fan of The Libertines and the extroverted self-portrayal of Peter Doherty got on my nerves. Of course they made a couple of very good songs at that time but I can't remember playing them during the last years. Nevertheless, I was curious if they were more relevant than before. I only know this song and they recorded a traditional/poppy indie song, still with elements of punk and rock with punchy guitar riffs and an energetic rhythm section and remarkable hooks. The song is more than okay and I think this will be a hit for them and a big hype will be started. For me not the road in music I go right now.

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JC hat gesagt…

I quite liked The Libertines and some of their songs still sound good a few years later. But I had no idea they had reformed and were releasing new material. Thanks for the info....and yes, this is a fun little song.