Montag, 16. Oktober 2023

Monday's Long Song


Back in 2017 I got in contact to AMOR a four piece music collective from Glasgow introducing a new way of electronic music. They fused acoustic instruments with electronic precision and are since then well known for long bassy songs with piano improvisations. Their sound seems in the first time homogeneous but the longer you listen to their songs you can join a short trip different spheres. Higher Moment is a good example for what I tried to explain. One of a band I come back regular.

AMOR - Higher Moment

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JC hat gesagt…

The world is amazing. I live in Glasgow and know nothing about AMOR.....but they have fans over in Stuttgart and no doubt all around the world. It's not the sort of music that appeals naturally to me, but I can only applaud you, Walter, for the way you stay ahead of the game.