Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2020

Purchased (Not Only) Because Of The Cover


I remember very well when back in 1980 I was in my local record shop grubbing in the new arrivals when I first hold The Feelies debut album in my hands. Looking at the cover I couldn't believe that a record by high school kids could be found between the new ones by Dead Kennedys, David Bowie and Joy Division because I supposed it was another high school band playing traditional rock. Also their outfit was far away from what we used to wear that I was going to ignore the record if not the owner recommended to give them a listen. And indeed I was infected and got me a copy. I still love their jangly guitars,their Velvet Underground inspired avant-pop and their fusion of post-punk and forthcoming alternative rock.

The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms

The Feelies - Fa Cé La

The Feelies - The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness

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