Donnerstag, 23. November 2017

Viva La Quinta Brigada

Bildergebnis für guernica

Last weekend I saw a documentary about the rise of Francisco Franco in Spain almost 100 years ago and I remembered to my youngest days. We all learned about the fascist regimes before the days of world war two in school and had a great restistance against the Nazis in the early 80's. It was in this days Nazism tried to be compatible to many people in Germany. We had many fights with those backwards minded ultra right wings. I spent my first holidays in Spain in the year Franco died and I didn't made much thoughts about the political system in this country - just spending a few weeks off in a different country. During the years I read more and more about the history of Spain and the days of anarchy in the early 20's of the last century. The more I learned about the history and the way European communists stood aside the Spanish people against fascism the more I was impressed and ask myself if it could be possible in this way today. I have to admit that the answer is no. There was no solidarity to foreign people like it was in these days in Spain.


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Walter, this is a wonderful post. Heartfelt and sadly, very true that we are unlikely to see such a sustained resistance to right-wing uprisings ever again, not in Europe anyway.