Sonntag, 5. November 2017

Sons And Fascination

Bildergebnis für simple minds

A few days ago JC started a new series True Confessions and he had a big response to his main intention. The idea is to offer up some thoughts on a song that, to most reasonably-minded individuals, is held up as a classic but to the ears of the contributor is completely overrated.

My first thoughts went to Simple Minds and I named Don't You (Forget About Me) as an popular and overrated song compared to their first ones. I followed the discussion and took time to listen to Simple Minds again and I have to say that I wouldn't name this song again because it is in a very own tradition of their sound according to their finest moments. Anyway, Simple Minds made great records in their early days and I used to play songs by their 1981 record Sons And Fascination often when I was DJing at this time. So for you who will spent the time to this sound I give you the chance to listen one hour to this record at a stretch (including Sister Feelings Call).

3 Kommentare:

Echorich hat gesagt…

If I can have only one Simple Minds album, it would be Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call. Not just because I get twice the amount of music, but because it's twice the amount of amazing Simple Minds music.

The Swede hat gesagt…

Good call Walter.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Simple Minds were a fantastic band for a number of years and I was lucky enough to see them many times in Glasgow. You are correct to say that it all went wrong after Don't You Forget About Me.