Dienstag, 28. November 2017

Pool Hall

Bildergebnis für pool hall

Since a few month I meet with some friends for playing pool at our local pub. I was sitting at the bar drinking my pint when I came in contact with an retired old man and we started talking about this and that, politics and sports and finally we talked about playing pool. Soon we started playing and I got a lot of lessons learned. I started playing when I was a kid of 15 years and played every couple of years later. Knowing that I was just a regular player that is able to play the rules the old man showed me the abilities of the game. He told me a lot about playing slow and waiting for the chance. Since then we meet with a couple of friends to play a weekly competition. And I have to say: the more I play the better I get. It is just another way to get rid of all the things that bothered me during the working week. Here are a few songs that were inspired by playing pool.




charity chic hat gesagt…

Pool Hall Walter has a certain ring to it!

Walter hat gesagt…

Be sure I have it Stevie

Anonym hat gesagt…

We must find a pool table when you come back to Glasgow and have some fun. I'm not very good at the game, but I do try!