Mittwoch, 22. November 2017

Reduce The Speed On A Minimum

Bildergebnis für balmorhea clear language review

Yet another band I explored during the last days. In days of noisy chaos, heated rhetoric, and voracious content consumption in which we find ourselves present I am glad about artists who express themselves with restraint and nuance. A few days ago Adam posted some great dreamy ambient by Jan van den Broeke which I really enjoyed. Balmorhea sounds like a band from Ireland but these guys are from over across the Atlantic ocean and the make songs you also can dream or relax by. Their new album Clear Language is a lucid and intimate gem of an album that gently but resolutely repudiates bombast and fractiousness in favor of simplicity, warmth and personal connetion. Their compositions are mostly under four minutes each, and they gently unfold and introducing guitars, strings and light synthesizers as well as the occasional presence of humming insects and other natural sounds. Sometimes these songs remind a little bit to Durutti Column and if you are ready for a bit of dreamy sounds, give them a chance.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Mrs S has a couple of their albums, I'll pass this on to her. Thanks Walter!