Dienstag, 7. November 2017

From The In-Box

Bildergebnis für inbox

The Telescopes are a band that is active since more than 30 years with different settings but always lead by Stephan Lawry. It is a bit of a psychedelic experience on The Desert In Your Heart and sometimes it reminds me to Velvet Underground playing in a very slow way. Totally different is Silent Water when they add rhythm and an acoustic guitar to their sound. I listened to various psychedelic bands this year but The Telescopes are far better than the average.

From the big reservoir of fantastic Scottish bands The Decrees held up the flag of power-pop with indie-rock influences. It is the sound of a bygone era and they are much inspired by Big Country. They show that this kind of music will never die.

Jenn Vix is another new artist to me. Based in Rhode Island she impressed me with an unique voice and some good songs. It is a combination of crunchy guitars, simple melodies and discreet beats. Her songs have a blackly mood but somehow in a powerful, sexy and catchy way.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I admire that you find the time to listen to new music from the emails that drop into your Inbox. I would never get any sleep if I did that!!! I just delete everything, knowing that I will sometimes miss out on something special.