Dienstag, 14. November 2017


Bildergebnis für chk chk chk

Back in 2003 !!! released Me and Giuliano down by the  School Yard and it was a little bit of a sensation. It combined house-beats with funky bass-lines psychedelic chinking guitars. It was one of those songs in this year that played often in my house. !!! are a NYC-based funk band and were some kind of a missing link between house, disco and funk. This song is full of energy and the guitar hooks seems to be compatible to dance-floor. Me and Giuliani still sounds fresh after all these years and it is worth to give them a listen to.

!!! - Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I missed this back in 2003 so am listening to it for the first time. Sounds great!!!

Thank you Walter.