Sonntag, 12. November 2017

Hotel California

Bildergebnis für vintage sports

Almost 30 years ago a French band had big success in Germany. The Gipsy Kings combined Catalan rumba, classical flamenco music with a hint of pop. Their mostly lead by acoustic guitars songs were heard in many places and you couldn't avoid listening to it when there was a party going on. I don't know  the reason why everyone joined their music - probably recalling a holiday feeling from vacations to Andalusia or Catalonia. In my opinion there was too much mass compatible folklore in their music and I've chosen the eclectic way listen to Paco de Lucia. But I have to pay my respect that they took a classic and well known song and made a version in their sound. I still enjoy their version of The Eagles Hotel California.

Gipsy Kings - Hotel California

Typing these words my mind wander to an early 80's movie when I first had contact to flamenco. Carlos Saura transported George Bizet's opera Carmen into Spain and flamenco. Although the film was in Spanish language you can understand the emotions behind flamenco and pay respect to the dancers.

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