Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017

Johnny And Mary

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A few years ago there was a collaboration between Norwegian DJ, songwriter and producer Todd Terje and Bryan Ferry with the result of a very new and unique version of the classical song Johnny And Mary best known on the way Robert Palmer did decades ago. I love this kind of version and it's slowed down rhythm and the reduction to the essential of the song. Sometimes I wonder why they don't play this version on public broadcast.


TheRobster hat gesagt…

Nouvelle Vague do a lovely version of this with the Polish singer Ania Dabrowska.

Nice pic too, Walter. Michael Owen was a great little player back then. Shame he became a money-chasing glory-hunter with a fraction of the talent he once had.

Brian hat gesagt…

Never a huge fan of Palmer's, but I do like one album, and that's 'Clues.' I really took to this cover too. Made my best songs of 2014 list.

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

I recently found out that Robert Palmer covered Husker Du's New day Rising in concert. Head blown.

Its on youtube.