Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2017

Elvis Is Everywhere

Bildergebnis für mojo nixon

Back in the early 80's Mojo Nixon appeared on the scene with his very unique version of rockabilly. Together with Skid Roper he made a few records that was played in my local scene of greasers. I remembered him by a talk I had with an old friend of mine last Sunday when we visited Johnny Trouble Band a cult band playing the Johnny Cash style since a few years. They were locals and made a bit of success during the last years starting from musicians playing in the main roads to a well booked act. But this is not the story now. It is about Mojo Nixon. I liked the way he played his songs in an ironic style. He was always deep in American music with a big touch of country and rockabilly over 30 years ago. Listening to him his music may sound outworn but sometimes I like this old fashioned sound that sounds still fresh to me than many other new over produced new bands.

At the start of the new century he declared his retirement from music business to come back a few years later. I found this new song by him. It was new to me and it must be new song, because no one would record a song called Donald Trump Can Suck My Dick wasn't impossible to record 12 month ago.


Brian hat gesagt…

"If you don't got Mojo Nixon, then your store could use some fixin'."

Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm at work just now but this will be checked out when I get home. I might get into bother with one of those videos...sounds very interesting!