Samstag, 8. Oktober 2016

Knee Deep In Rock History

Bildergebnis für the kinks

These days I've gave myself a pleasure without dates after work having a few hours with friends and other companions to spent the evening and I had enough time to search my musical library for some gems. I don't know if it is a start to a new serious but I came back to The Kinks, a band I love for decades. Ray Davis was the one who took me to ordinary life in Britain. His songs about the regular people are still actual in these days. He is a poet - maybe for the forgotten ones over on the island - and he wrote hymns that are still great songs today. Nothing lost it's fascination about these songs. They accompanied me during my musical education and it is still a pleasure listening to them.

And as a bonus a footage from Ray's younger brother Dave - also taken from a Beat-Club show.


TheRobster hat gesagt…

One of the greatest bands ever, no question.

charity chic hat gesagt…

A lot of love out there for the Kinks Walter ad I discovered a few months back

The Swede hat gesagt…

What TheRobster said.