Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2016

Bishop Briggs

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I heard River by Bishop Briggs the recent days and thought by myself another great voice and started some investigations about her. There were less informations on the internet and that is what I found. Bishop Briggs is the stage of Sarah Grace MacLaughlin, born in London and now based in Los Angeles. Her parents were Scottish from Bishopbriggs what inspired her for the stage name. Moving in her younger days to Tokyo were she started to sing in karaoke bars. After graduading in Hong Kong she moved to Los Angeles to force her musical career. She released a few singles so far but all I heard from her is worth to listen. All songs are played in a downtempo style where guitar, bass and drum are in the background to feature her powerful voice.

Have a great Sunday.

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charity chic hat gesagt…

A Glasgow joke of sorts is I knew Bishop Briggs when he was an altar boy