Montag, 10. Oktober 2016

Gone But Not Forgotten

Bildergebnis für tim hardin

... was a small series about musicians that passed away too early I started a few years ago. I stopped it because other things and music were on my focus these days. Cleaning up my room a few days ago I found a few CD's in a top-drawer I almost forgot that I had them. It was Tim Hardin's last record Homecoming Concert, recorded live in his hometown Eugene. It shows a broken man singing his songs for the last time in front of an audience. A few weeks later in 1980 he died on an overdose of heroin. He was addicted to drugs since his youngest days in fact of an high-school accident when his cerivical broke and he took opiates for pain relieve. He showed his big talent in composing on his first two records that contained classic records like Reason To Believe, If I were a carpenter and Red Balloon. Listening to this songs again you can hear a man knowing that his life is almost gone but his legacy was his songs that still shines like diamonds.

Tim Hardin - Misty Roses
Tim Hardin - Reason To Believe
Tim Hardin - If I Were A Carpenter
Tim Hardin - Red Balloon
Tim Hardin - Amen

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The Swede hat gesagt…

I was playing some of Tim's tunes just the other day, I've never heard the 'Homecoming Concert' before though. It's a very tough listen.