Freitag, 7. Oktober 2016

A Boy Named Sue ... And The Rest Of The Story

Bildergebnis für shel silverstein

A Boy Named Sue it is probably the best known song by Johnny Cash. Lyrics (and the song) was written by Shel Silversteen, an American composer, musician, writer and poet who had his big times in the late 70's/early 80's. He wrote this song for Johnny Cash and others for Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. All of them are weird and funny as well. He was an acrobat on words. But the funniest moments was when he wrote a sequel about A Boy Named Sue. Not in that kind most of us though about. He showed us another way of Sue could have been. I don't mind if it is good or not - it is just another way to finish the story about Sue. I think I should give him a feature in this way because he always told stories about mostly hidden places in the US and all of them were great to listen after long long times.

This is the German version of A Boy Named Sue by an forgotten artist that was a little big in the 80's.

And one by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show:

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