Mittwoch, 3. August 2016

Teenage Stories

Bildergebnis für car seat headrest

A few weeks ago I owned myself Teens Of Denial the first regular record by Will Toledo aka Car Seat Headrest. I listened to it while I was doing other stuff while playing the record. Last weekend I grabbed out this record again and listened to it in a row also having an ear to the lyrics. And I have to say that I was surprised how good this record is. This 23-years-old dude made his 13th record during the last years and he is able to make songs I never heard in years. He presents us mostly stories about his younger days in school in perfect arrangements. Deep-rooted in American style of music like Steve Malkmus and Guided By Voices he gave us songs in the best tradition  of power-pop. Often you hear guitars and bass you knew from the early 80's. It rumbles and clatters, it is a crash and tugs, and, nevertheless, a melodically stamped, almost quite hymnal atmosphere shines through these rough pieces of this American guy.

Car Seat Headrest - Fill In The Blank
Car Seat Headrest - Connecting The Dots
Car Seat Headrest - Drugs With Friends
Car Seat Headrest - Connect The Dots

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