Mittwoch, 10. August 2016

Come Near Me

Bildergebnis für weindorf kirchheim

Since a few days we have a small vine village in our town. Since more that 25 years now in August it opens the gates to the people for 20 days. I didn't join this venue though it's a beautiful place to stay at summer. For me it is too crowded most of the times. But even one time me and some former co-workers meet for an evening talking about the old times and what happened to all of us while drinking some bottles of vine. After all it was an enjoying evening with all those old friends I didn't saw for a long time.

Today's track is the newest release by Massive Attack featuring Ghostpoet. Another great song by the Bristol Trip-Hop collective. A gloomy track with a depressed rhythm and reduced to a minimum. When you're admit to the sound you were surprised by the chorus of Unfinished Sympathy. I suppose this song will grow the more you listen to it.

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