Freitag, 26. August 2016


Bildergebnis für alan bangs

I think I have posted this song minimum one time and I hope that you're not bored to death showing up once again. It is just the fact that I am sitting on my balcony on a beautiful summer evening with a glass of vine listening to music that accompanied me for ages. Spacemen 3 was one of them. I really love their raw, mean psychedelic sound especially Revolution which is only based on a few chords. But what they made out of it was genius. I remember when German DJ Alan Bangs had his two hour weekly radio show on broadcast in the 80's playing new and old music. I used to listen to his shows because I got new inspirations. You may call him the poor men's John Peel but he did a very good job in these days. Sadly German broadcast closed his show because it wasn't mainstream at all. Me and a couple of friends met for his last show knowing that he was sad about not going further with his show. In regular wise he announced the artists he played but on his last show he just played the music from the last decades he liked much. And I will never forget that he played this song at his last show. Still great after all the years and worth to be played from time to time.

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Dirk hat gesagt…

Ha ha ... that 'poor men's John Peel' made my day, wonderful! Saw Bangs when the Musik Convoy was in Monschau, he was a bit of a twat then though ... but you're right: the music he played was always good!