Samstag, 20. August 2016


Bildergebnis für children of leir

Thank god it is weekend and a few days off. I think I am going to have another relaxed weekend visiting my mom for a few hours to talk to with my brother and going later for a few pints at our pub next door. Maybe I will watch my team playing the first round in German football cup on TV later this day but I don't wanna plan this day like I used to do during the business week. Seems to be a peaceful quiet weekend with no dates. So let's start with a new song from Leicester's probably best new psychedelic, drone and experimental band now Children Of Leir. This song  is from their upcoming new album and it is another piece of nowadays psychedelic movement. Seems like more and more bands turn into this kind of genre - and it is good in this way.


The Swede hat gesagt…

I pre-ordered my copy of the album last week Walter. Currently available as a limited CD and download, with an LP coming later. Can't wait.

Walter hat gesagt…

Seems like I do the same, Swede.