Sonntag, 21. August 2016

Go Off

Bildergebnis für ybor city

It was time to fix my holidays for this year. As usually I take ta longer trip to Sri Lanka again over the turn of the year. I also had to honour a pledge I gave to an old friend over a year ago to visit him in the United States. Ed was more than a mate to me because we hang around in my town for more than five years watching football, going out for some drinks and lot of other stuff. He is still working in the army as an civilian and had to move to Florida for a new job in June last year. So I booked a flight, provided me an ESTA-visum to leave for Tampa at the beginning of November this years. I am not sure what he planned to do but I know that he got some tickets for Pet Shop Boys in a small venue and another visit to Ybor City to get us a few hand-rolled cigars by the Cuban people. So I am looking forward to these days, knowing that it will be the last days before the election of their new president.

Today's track is Go Off the new single by M.I.A. from her new album that will be released in a few weeks. I have to say I like her for years because she always made her very own things and sampling great songs. And she did the same thing on this song again. Using an Arabic nursery rhyme as a basic she added some clattering drums and quintessentially strange synth sounds. Probably it doesn't work the first time you listen to but the more you listen the more it is fixed in your head. And who else could sing lyrics like So I stay way up on a level / like my name is Neymar and your know I'm not normal?

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