Mittwoch, 31. August 2016

Spent The Night With ... Cheena

Bildergebnis für cheena band

A few weeks ago I located Cheena's first record and from the first listening I was excited by this sound. These songs took me back to times decades ago when New York brought us bands like New York Dolls. It sounds like 70's-inspired punk rock with a lot of glam in it. Most of the songs were fast, enthusiastic and pure with a great rhythm section. I've never been there but I think this music would be similar to the CBGB's sound of the late 70's. Sometimes they add a slide-guitar to their sound or have a country-blues-rock influence in their sound. In another way they remind me a lot of the early Gun Club. I listen to this record since a few days and have to say that it doesn't get boring.

Cheena - Cry For Help
Cheena - Fever
Cheena - Tarzan
Cheena - Liberated Animals
Cheena - M.E.
Cheena - Electric Snoopy

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