Samstag, 11. November 2023

Forgotten Alternative


A few days ago I found in the deepest corner of my hard-drive a compilation of songs from the early 80's and I couldn't resist to give them a listen. Some of the artists were just a small chapter of history, others were well known and some are just obscure. But well worth to take a sentimental journey back to those days. 

Theater of Hate was a post-punk band formed by Kirk Brandon and their first album Westworld from 1982 was produced by Clash's Mick Jones. The lead single is typical for this era, were bands searched for new sounds. Based on a phenomenal bass-line and a tribal rhythm Do You Believe In The Westworld is still a song you can listen to with fun.

Theater of Hate - Do You Believe In The Westworld

Split Enz were formed in the 70's by Tim Finn and Phil Judd in New Zealand. The started as a good progressive/art-rock band to switch at the beginning of the next decade into power-pop and new wave. I Got You was their only remarkable song before they disbanded a few years later

Split Enz - I Got You

Stan Ridgway formed Wall Of Voodoo in 1980 after he tried to express himself in electronic sounds. Mexican Radio is probably their best known song and is the trademark of the band. Sharp guitars, steady rhythms and synths combined with surrealistic lyrics was the next big thing back then.

Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican Radio

One of Iceland's finest exports appeared in the late 80's. Influenced by the guitar and drum work of Siouxsie and the Banshees and  Cocteau Twins The Sugarcubes made it great with Birthday, one of their early singles. The difference to others was Björk with her mighty voice that could turn every song into another sphere. That this concept worked live as well I can testify when I saw them live at an open air festival in 1989.

The Sugarcubes - Birthday

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Rol hat gesagt…

Great selection, Walter. I wonder what else was in that compilation?

Walter hat gesagt…

Enough to start a small series, Rol

Rol hat gesagt…

Look forward to seeing more then!