Mittwoch, 2. September 2020



Logan Fisher aka Haules Baules is a London based DJ, producer, remixer, visual artist and owner of the label with the same name. A few month ago he released an EP called Creeper with the song in two great versions of Walk The Night. Bleeping synths and a steady motorik beat makes them different to others and I really can't decide which version is better. This a short description I found in the internet that fits to the music:

After causing mayhem in the hands of a select few  and rising to anthem status at Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston's mighty A Love From Outer Space, Logan Fisher's edit of "Walk The Night" is finally getting a vinyl only release on his Haules Baules imprint , accompanied by a mind altering acid interpolation remix courtesy of the aforementioned Mr Johnston in his Hardway Bros guise.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Creeper by name and a bit creepy by nature. It's a slightly unsettling tune isn't it? I'm not sure which mix I prefer either - possibly the second, there's something a little subterranean about it. Interesting stuff Walter.

Walter hat gesagt…

I agree Swede